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google business maps for medical practices

The Benefits of a Professional Google Maps Listing

Why Put Your Business on Google Maps?
Google Business Maps is a online directory of local businesses and other organizations. Formerly known as Google Places and whether through a search result or a maps query, over five billion searches are made each day through Google Maps. Google Business Maps are displayed in multiple locations, including Google Search, Google Maps and Google Plus. When someone searches for your business on any of these platforms, they may see your business listing. Owning a Google Business Maps listing gives you control over your contact information, description, and allows you to communicate with reviews while enhancing your SEO.

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Advantages for Your Business

Beside voice search on Android devices, one of biggest benefits of your profile on Google Business Maps is the prime real estate it can occupy in search results. When you perform a Google search, the first three listings are typically reserved for Google Adwords advertisements, otherwise known as “paid search”. Next, you’ll typically see a a map with local results highlighted – this is where businesses optimized for Google Maps show up. Only after those 2 sections come the normal “organic” search results.

There are several advantages to using Google Business Maps for your medical practice. One example os if someone is looking for a new dentist to visit, he or she most likely will search for nearby dentists online, thereby introducing them to your location(s).

You can also use Google Business Maps to educate your patients about your service. A Google Business Maps listing includes relevant information like your practice address, phone number, hours of service, support groups, and upcoming events. If a patient wants to learn more about your services, he or she can visit your website but what if they forgot your website address? A simple search o your practice name would always show them your Google Business Maps listing.

A Google Business Maps profile is the easiest first step in building your online visibility, which can make or break your practice. As a small business, keeping track of the daily changes to search engine algorithms and listings can be challenging and, due to limitations of time or staff, you may not be able to properly manage the challenge. Whether you choose to try to stay on top of the changes or you hire a firm to execute your SEO strategy, putting resources, such as Google Business Maps, into your online presence is vital in today’s increasingly digital and ever-changing landscape.