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Hey Alexa, Where is a Doctor Near Me?

According to sources, voice searches are three times more likely to be searches for local based businesses than text search because most smartphones today search for local listing results. Your smart phone knows your location, the weather outside, or whether there’s traffic ahead on the highway. All of these factors help to narrow down your search results for better and more accurate results. Examples of such searches could be “where is the nearest Mexican restaurant, Dentist, Walmart, etc., near me.” Most local searches are geared around “Where?”, “What?” and “How?” phrases like the examples above.

What does this mean for your local medical practice? You should be thinking about your approach to local how potential new clients are finding you and to make sure you are picking up on voice searcher intent for keyword groupings around your business or industry. It is all about intent (Who, What, Where, When and Why).

Also, since much of voice search is occurring on mobile devices, it’s more important than ever to make sure your mobile experience is as user-friendly as possible (responsive and readable to all mobile devices).

Make sure you are picking up on the voice searchers intent for keyword groupings around your practice. Click To Tweet

Looking ahead, one thing is for certain: People are adapting rapidly to voice search as a factor in our everyday lives. With the release of the iPhone way back in 2007 and the explosion of smartphone technology, voice search is the wave of the future present.